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HTTP 2015 SHINE (strengthening harmony & inspiring new experiences)



on September 12th, (when there is GSLC/Guided Self Learning Class or some kind of online class…) this event was hold.

We went to binus at 6 (supposed to be) and then go to the place(?) together…..using 3 bus if i’m not mistaken..

and when we arrived there, we were given a movie :0 two movies actually



because i heard we were waiting for the other binus (?) to come there.. using the 3 bus we used :0

and there are many performances too in this event!


^here’s how the place looks like


at first… there is a very long introduction.. from lecturers..

and then.. There are interesting performances like band and drama too :0 and talk-show with a successful binusian alumni

and dancing-until-all-the-post-it-got-off-your-body game, the hosts chose 5 people to come in front of the stage. And they were told to dance after the hosts put the papers on their



There are some stands too so we can buy foods, drinks and snacks. the foods from the stands are delicious


at the end, we get a bag filled with some goodies like HIMTI pin (?) and t-shirt.

it was fun.

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